A “view” from the Courtroom: A bonus day for opinions

Thursday is the first “bonus” day – that is, a day added to the Court’s calendar for the sole purpose of releasing opinions – at the Court this Term.
As seems to be the case each year for the first extra day, the bar section is lightly filled, with only eighteen or twenty bar members taking seats, not counting U.S. Solicitor General Donald B. Verrilli Jr. and other members of his office.
The public section is relatively full, and we understand that James Obergefell, the lead petitioner in the same-sex marriage cases, was first in line for a seat in that section again today. Despite speculation by cable-news hosts, Obergefell will not see a decision in his case today.
Joanna Breyer, the wife of Justice Stephen G. Breyer, takes a seat in the VIP section a few minutes before the

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