A “view” from the Courtroom: A marriage celebration

Wide-shot of courtroom as Kennedy’s announces opinion (Art Lien)
It’s Friday, a rare day for Supreme Court opinions, and some have speculated that the two-year anniversary of the Court’s decision in United States v. Windsor would be an appropriate day for deciding this Term’s same-sex marriage cases. Others say, no, the Court does not think of such things.
In any event, the Courtroom is filled with advocates for the recognition of same-sex marriage. Seated in a group in the bar section are Mary L. Bonauto and Douglas Hallward-Driemeier, who argued the two questions in the consolidated cases, and other advocates and supporters such as Susan L. Sommer of Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund, Paul M. Smith, and Pamela S. Karlan, of Stanford Law School and (temporarily) the U.S. Department of Justice, who did not have to sleep outside in

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