A view from the Courtroom, Same-Sex Marriage Edition

It is going to be a long morning of argument at the Supreme Court on the same-sex marriage cases, but no one who has found a way into the Courtroom is inclined to complain.
The cases that collectively will go by the name Obergefell v. Hodges, from Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Tennessee, include more than twenty plaintiffs made up of couples, two widowers, a few children, and one undertaker. Just a week or so before the arguments, a few of the plaintiffs were unsure whether they would get seats. So today, we’re not sure if they all made it in, but we can presume that at least some did.

Among their supporters, in the public gallery, are White House adviser Valerie Jarrett and Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin. In the bar section, Paul M. Smith of Jenner & Block, who argued and won Lawrence

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