The Institutional Traits of Successful Firms Offering Lawyer Services

theLawyer5Not many people know what separates successful firms offering lawyer services from struggling ones. There are certain habits that top law firms apply in carving out space in the legal services marketplace. For both small and large firms, below is a look at the institutional traits of successful law firms.  

Successful law firms choose a managing partner to manage them. Firm managers who concentrate on managing and growing their firms don’t have time for their own clients. However, top firms rely on management secured by managing partners who devote most of their time to the task.

Often, the most successful law firms are those with an institutionalized client service. This involves adopting various programs to ensure that their clients get the best possible and most consistent lawyer services they can. A majority of such leading-edge firms have also come up with specified values and mission statements that keep employees focused on offering the best services to clients.

Top law firms don’t merely try to understand their clients; they actually look for ways to live with them. This can take the form of sending lawyers to reside in client’s headquarters, or holding team meetings that include clients as sounding boards or speakers. Another notable approach would be a firm learning the business operations of major clients by sending some employees to work there.

Using technology to improve a law firm’s marketing and client relations is recommended. It would be rather difficult to gain an advantage over competitors in the current legal environment without utilizing technology as a tactical weapon. Example of such technology use includes accessing client-relationship-management software that can track key relationship links among lawyers, clients and staff members of the firm. Also, the firm’s management should emphasize that clients belong to the law firm and not the lawyers.