The mystery of Fisher II review

The volatile constitutional issue of race as a factor in selecting the entering classes at public universities and colleges returns to the Supreme Court next Term, but it is far from clear at this point just why the Justices are stepping back into that enduring controversy, and where it will end up.  The Court has a wide range of options on how to decide a new case involving the University of Texas, and lawyers — perhaps necessarily doing some guesswork — may find it quite challenging to shape their written arguments to cover that range.
The Court, of course, never explains fully at the outset why it is taking on a case, although it sometimes rewrites the legal questions either to suit its own preference or to narrow the scope of what it plans to decide.  But, if it

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Review of new Arizona election case narrowed

The Supreme Court on Thursday narrowed somewhat its plan to review the work of the independent Arizona agency that drew new election districts for the state legislature after the latest census.  In a new order, the Court said it would not be ruling on a complaint that the agency wrongly created districts to give Hispanic voters more political power.
On Tuesday, the Court accepted an appeal in Harris v. Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission, without limiting the questions at issue.  Thursday’s order drops off the third question that the challenging voters had raised.

Question 3 in the appeal had asked the Court to rule that it is unconstitutional to draw new redistricting maps with the aim of creating districts in which Hispanics would have greater electoral influence.  The claim was that nearly 71,000 voters had been placed in larger population

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