Non-Sequiturs: 05.01.15

* If you think the federal government is preparing a military takeover of Texas. you might be a redneck. And you might also be Governor Greg Abbott. [Forbes]

* Elie says it’s time to end the expansive powers of arrest, for the good of everyone. [New York Daily News]

* Most of the 2016 presidential hopefuls are breaking the law. It’s good practice for if they win. [LFC 360]

* Not to dismiss the important point made in this article about substandard housing and the dangers of lead paint, but I think there may be other lessons to learn from Freddie Gray. [Washington Post]

* Satanic Temples are taking this RFRA thing and running with it. [Jezebel]

* Over in the EU, Louis Vuitton failed to win back the trademark it claims on its checkerboard pattern. [Fashionista]

* I’ve not read this yet, but here’s a collection of Legal Notices To Superheroes. Per the description, “A Letter to Superman from United States Citizenship and Immigration Services” has a lot of promise

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