Friday round-up

At The Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog, Jess Bravin reports that “Hawaii may figure prominently” in the Court’s decision in Evenwel v. Abbott, the Texas “one person, one vote” case, “because for nearly half a century, the Aloha State has had the high court’s permission to ignore transients when drawing its political maps.”  And at FiveThirtyEight, Leah Libresco highlights a potential problem with the relief that the challengers in the case are seeking:  “The trouble is, we don’t have robust statistics on the number of eligible voters. If the Supreme Court were to set new standards for districting, we would need to overhaul the nation’s statistics and surveys.”

Sahil Kapur of Bloomberg Politics reports that “[a] new analysis of a Republican proposal to temporarily continue Obamacare premium subsidies if the Supreme Court erases them warns that it would

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