Friday round-up

Commentary continues to focus on Monday’s ruling in Elonis v. United States, involving the prosecution of threats made on Facebook.  In The Economist, Steven Mazie concludes that the Court’s decision “won’t clean up the internet, but it seems it will keep the feds off your Facebook page.”  And in his column for The Atlantic, Garrett Epps characterizes the Court’s decision not to reach the First Amendment issues presented by the case as an “anticlimax.”
In The New York Times, Adam Liptak reports on the Justices’ public appearances, including a paper by the Election Law Blog’s Rick Hasen (covered in yesterday’s round-up) on the “celebrity Justice” trend.  And The Washington Post covers yesterday’s appearance by Justice Antonin Scalia at the graduation of the Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart, an all-girls school in Maryland.  Scalia criticized what he described

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