Friday round-up

The Court’s decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, holding that states must license marriages between same-sex couples, continues to spawn coverage and commentary. Elliot Spagat of the Associated Press (via Yahoo! News) reports on comments by Justice Anthony Kennedy, the author of the Court’s opinion, who “likened controversy over the court’s decision to allow gay marriage to public reaction over the 1989 ruling that said burning an American flag was protected free speech.” And at the LGBTQ Policy Journal, Sophia Carrillo looks at the influence of the Court’s 2003 decision in Lawrence v. Texas (and the dissent from that decision) on the same-sex marriage cases.

At Crime and Consequences, Kent Scheidegger has the first part of his overview of the just-ended Term’s criminal cases.
At IAALS Online, Malia Reddick discusses retention elections for Supreme Court Justices.
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