In Plain English: Justices finally find speech they do not like – and it’s by (would-be) judges

In the past few years, the Roberts Court has been very supportive of the freedom of speech, ruling in favor of protests by the Westboro Baptist Church at a soldier’s funeral, violent video games for children, videos depicting dog-fighting, and lies about receiving prestigious military medals.  But today an unusual coalition of five Justices — Chief Justice John Roberts and the Court’s four more liberal Justices – agreed on one kind of speech that the government can ban:  personal solicitations of campaign funds by people running for judgeships.  Let’s talk about the ruling in Williams-Yulee v. The Florida Bar in Plain English.
As I explained in my earlier coverage of the case, in 2009 Lanell Williams-Yulee was running for a seat on a county court in Florida.  In an effort to raise money, she sent out a mass

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