Monday round-up

Coverage and commentary once again focus on the Term as a whole.  NPR’s Nina Totenberg interviews Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who discusses the efforts by the Court’s four more liberal Justices to “speak with one voice in one opinion.”  At Jost on Justice, Kenneth Jost posits that, although this Term may have been one of the worst in recent memory for the Court’s more conservative Justices, “they appeared to be the moving force . . . in a bit of aggressive agenda-setting for the coming term.”  And the University of Pennsylvania’s RegBlog looks back at the Term from a regulatory perspective, in a series of essays.

At Big Think, Steven Mazie analyzes (and criticizes) Justice Clarence Thomas’s dissent in the same-sex marriage cases.
A graphic at Threestory Issues shows the Justices by age and tenure.
 At Balls & Strikes, Calvin

Original SCOTUS article

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