Monday round-up


At Conversations with Bill Kristol (video), Kristol interviews Justice Samuel Alito about everything from his path to the Court to same-sex marriage and Philadelphia baseball.
In The Weekly Standard, Dan McLaughlin suggests that, for “close watchers of the Court, another theme ran through this term: the breadth and depth of Justice Clarence Thomas’s institutional critique of the Court itself.”
In The New York Law Journal, Robert Schonfeld discusses the Court’s decision in Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs v. The Inclusive Communities Project; he contends that the decision “is significant because it did lay down guidelines for what the court would deem to be a proper use of the ‘disparate impact’ theory.”
At Jost on Justice, Kenneth Jost argues that if Richard Glossip, the named petitioner in Glossip v. Gross, is executed in September, “the case will be one

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