Non-Sequiturs: 04.24.15

*Yeah, this happened in real life, not in a Philip K. Dick short story. [Time]

*Oh burn! Cornel West responds (indirectly) to biting New Republic article. [The Root]

*Justice for sale in Texas? Sounds about right. [KCBD]

*Allegations of overbilling in Deepwater Horizon litigation. And — this may be a shock to some of our readers — turns out many of the firms involved made generous political contributions to the LA AG. [Louisiana Record]

*Eliminating salary negotiations to combat the wage gap? Who knew Biglaw’s lockstep approach to money would turn out to be progressive? [NPR]

*Columbia University’s rape problems deepen with new lawsuit about Emma Sulkowicz and her mattress “Carry that Weight” performance art. [Jezebel]

*Update in the Alan Dershowitz sex case. Now with 100% more David Boies. [American Lawyer]

*Attention New York: Prepare to swipe right. AG Eric Schneiderman is once again a bachelor

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