Non-Sequiturs: 06.03.15

* A social media guide for lawyers. Time to get on Woo Woo! [Associates Mind]

* The growing ranks of Biglaw househusbands. [The Careerist / The American Lawyer]

* Swordsmith sued by hotel chain over allegedly fraudulent gift cards. Swordsmith is still a thing? [Slate]

* After a lawsuit highlighted the deplorable conditions facing the Buffalo Bills cheerleaders, the state legislature is stepping up with a cheerleader protection bill. On a completely unrelated note, I remind you that Isiah Thomas runs a professional sports team in the state of New York. [Politics on the Hudson]

* Before you clear your browser history, take note that you may be obstructing justice. [The Nation]

* A lawyer is suing Avvo to uncover the author of an anonymous negative review. [Tampa Bay Times]

* “We don’t need fewer lawyers. We need cheaper ones.” And that all starts with cheaper law schools. [Washington Post]

* If you want to build a professional brand, you probably should keep your trap shut

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