Non-Sequiturs: 07.07.15

* Police raided the home of Subway’s Jared Fogle. The media presumes the raid is linked to the ongoing investigation into a colleague of Fogle’s who may have aspired to introduce kids to his $5 footlong. [CNN]

* Sex addiction is not a defense at your disciplinary hearing. [Legal Profession Blog]

* Donald Trump sued Scotland. Apparently Prima Nocta hasn’t existed since Braveheart. [Lowering the Bar]

* An ode to Partner Emeritus. [What About Clients?]

* A legal secretary is suing Winston & Strawn pro se for discrimination. That should work well. [Cook County Record]

* If you’re attending the ABA Annual Meeting in a few weeks, swing by and see Lat, Judge Posner, Laura Caldwell, William Landay, and Talmage Boston talk about writing and the law. [American Bar Association]

* Defendant farts in open court. You’ll entirely believe what happens next

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