Non-Sequiturs: 07.20.15

* What do Moe Greene (RIP Alex Rocco) and the Foreign Corruption Practices Act have in common? Beside, of course, trying to stand up to the Godfather. [FCPA Compliance and Ethics Blog]

* Bet this was a sentence you didn’t think you’d read after Scalia’s whiny dissent in Obergefell: Scalia may have helped the LGBT cause. [Slate]

* Are you halfway through your summer associateship and have no idea how you’re doing? Well, your firm isn’t likely to illuminate much, so here’s a self-assessment to peruse. [Ms. JD]

* “Are attorneys using AOL (as their email address) SOL?” Maybe not in their legal practice, but in another, more profound way, yes. Yes they are. [J.Key J.D.]

* Do attorneys actually need help saying “me first?” Well, if you’re the outlier, here’s some help. [Attorney At Work]

* In sentencing disgraced former Representative Michael Grimm, U

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