Preview of the October Term 2014 Stat Pack

Today we are happy to present the first preview of our final Stat Pack for the October Term 2014. As we approach the last few weeks of the Term, several key trends are beginning to reveal themselves. You can view the Stat Pack in its entirety here. You can also view each portion of the Stat Pack individually and review our takeaways from this version of the Stat Pack below.

Opinions by Sitting
Circuit Scorecards
Merits Cases by Vote Split
Make-Up of the Merits Docket
Term Index
Opinion Authorship
Summary Reversals
Merit Opinions
Strength of the Majority
Frequency in the Majority
5-4 Cases
Opinion Distribution by Senior Justices
Justice Agreement
Time Between Cert. Grant and Oral Argument
Time Between Oral Argument and Opinion
Pace of Grants
Pace of Opinions
Grants Per Conference
Opinions Per Week
Oral Argument – Justices
Oral Argument – Advocates

You can find additional analysis of the Term’s opinions, oral arguments, and advocates below.
Opinion Output: Justice

Original SCOTUS article

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