Relist Watch

John Elwood reviews Monday’s relisted cases.
Like this year’s swollen field of (sometimes swollen) presidential aspirants, the swelling ranks of the Court’s cert. contenders contain both paragons of tenacity and hopeless causes. Being more or less hopeless causes ourselves, we at Relist Watch stand sentry over the cert. pool’s fickle waters, ready to shine a light on the lucky survivors.
Let’s go from that maudlin intro straight into the tedium: This week, a pair of first-time fliers was given a class upgrade. FERC v. Electric Power Supply Association, 14-840, and EnerNOC, Inc. v. Electric Power Supply Association, 14-841, are two linked cases concerning the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s regulation of prices that operators of wholesale-electricity markets pay for reductions in energy consumption. After a single relist, the cases were consolidated and the petitions granted, limited to the two questions that,

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