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John Elwood reviews Monday’s relisted cases.
With this week’s passel of cultural/recreational/legal milestones, you’d almost be forgiven for forgetting that the Court issued orders on Monday — and, by implication, relists. We say “almost” because we here at Relist Watch are not the forgiving type.
If we seem dour, it’s because this was on net a bad week. The “good news” is that the Court resolved three of its eleven outstanding relists this week. The bad news is that the Court replaced those three relists with . . . four new relists. Hopes, deleted.
Both cases to depart this vale did so over protests from members of the Court. The order denying cert. in Manzano v. Indiana, 14-631 — which asked whether, when a criminal defendant seeks to vacate a guilty plea on the ground of ineffective assistance of counsel,

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