SCOTUS Map: April and May 2015

(J. Scalia May Travel Schedule)
Many of the Justices have favorite cities, causes, or organizations to which they return repeatedly over the years when the Court is not in session.
Last month, on April 8, Justice Stephen Breyer gave a Sixtieth Anniversary Marshall Alumni Lecture to a group of current Marshall Scholars in London. Breyer, himself a Marshall Scholar in 1959, said that the program “made an enormous difference to my life.” Breyer also spoke about international law, a favorite topic of his: “Whether we consider cases involving security and civil liberties or international commerce, cases arising out of treaties, or statutes, or the Constitution, there is no going back. We often will have to consider relevant legal as well as factual circumstances arising beyond our shores.” The text of Justice Breyer’s lecture can be found on the Bingham

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