SCOTUS Map: May and June

May and June always bring a flurry of activity at the Supreme Court, as the Justices wrap up the Term and issue a slew of important (and sometimes controversial) decisions. In between opinion-writing, however, the Justices still find the time to speak at graduations, conferences, and alumni events. We’ll start with a list of appearances by the Justices since the last installment of this feature:
On May 9, Justice Anthony Kennedy sat down with Stanford Law School’s M. Elizabeth Magill for a conversation at a Stanford Connects alumni event in Sacramento.
On May 11, Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer served as judges at the Shakespeare Theatre Company Bard Association’s 2015 Annual Mock Trial, where they heard arguments on whether the fictitious Family Court of La Mancha had properly deemed Don Quixote mentally incompetent and therefore in need

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